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Swimming Pool Flumes Structure (Aberdeen City Council)

Condition Survey of the external steel structure supporting the flumes at local swimming pool. Survey completed within 3 hours and using only one person - drone pilot. Our skilled pilot managed to fly a small drone between the complex steel structural elements and taking photos at the same time. It was crucial to get a close view of the steel connections located at height. Using traditional means of access, like cherry picker, would be very time consuming and access to the central section would be very limited.

Roof & Elevations Survey (NOV)

Inspection of the roof gantry, roof access platform and external steel balconies located on three elevations in an industrial and office building in Aberdeen. Survey completed in less than 4 hours providing very clear and complete photographic and video footage. Using a drone was suggested to eliminate typical H&S hazards associated with someone working on the roof. Disturbance to the car park and building users was reduced to minimum. Only one small area adjacent to the building was excluded from use at any one time for up to half an hour.

Sculpture Survey (CBRE)

This iconic sculpture 'Poised' located in the Aberdeen city center, was inspected using our smallest DJI Mini 2 drone. Inspection was carried out over the weekend early in the morning to limit disturbance to the public. Survey completed in just over an hour. Due to the floor load limit using a drone was the best solution for our client.

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