Professional Drone Services 

Wyvern Drones offer top-notch drone services by qualified structural engineers as well as experienced drone pilots. Our drones capture high quality data you need at affordable prices.

Property and Roof Drone Surveys

Drone surveys of roofs, gutters, fascia's, chimneys and hard to reach spots provide high resolution images that help identify issues early, saving time and costs for property owners. Drones can quickly and easily cover large areas of roof, capturing data in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods. This minimizes disruption to building operations.

Tall Structures Drone Inspections

Drones are the ideal solution for inspecting high-rise buildings, tall structures, chimneys and stadium floodlights eliminating the risks for inspectors using traditional methods like rope access or scaffolding.

Bridge Drone Inspections

Drones can be used to inspect bridges for cracks, corrosion, and other signs of deterioration. Drones can effortlessly navigate tight spaces and undersides of bridges – areas that are difficult to reach with traditional methods. This ensures a more safer, comprehensive and thorough inspection.

Aerial Real Estate Filming and Photography

Aerial shots and flyovers can significantly enhance promotional videos and photographs for selling real estate. Drones provide a bird's-eye view of the property, showcasing its entire layout, surrounding landscape, and proximity to amenities. This creates a more comprehensive picture for potential buyers compared to ground-level shots.

3D Modelling and CAD Drawings

High resolution images, captured by drones  from various angles, paired with photogrammetry software create highly accurate and detailed 3D models. 3D models can be used to accurately measure structures, plan renovations, identifying potential issues, optimizing resource allocation and visualize restoration projects. 3D models can be converted to different formats for further processing.

About Wyvern Drones

Wyvern Drones have been established in 2021 in Aberdeen, Scotland by our Director Mariusz Lobaza. Mariusz is an experienced drone pilot and a qualified structural engineer with over 17 years of experience in inspecting of residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural properties and other structures. 

Our primary focus is on making property and structure inspections more affordable, efficient and safe using latest drone technology. We specialize in drone inspections in areas where using conventional equipment such as cherry picker or scaffolding would be prohibitive from access of cost point of view. 

Wyvern Drones also offer aerial filming and photography for promotional purposes. 

We operate in Aberdeen, across Scotland and Scottish Islands.

Wyvern Drones operate under CAA Operational Authorisation (OA) No UAS 12386. All our pilots hold valid General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC). Each drone flight is covered by Public Liability Insurance in accordance with UK Reg (EC) No.785/2004.


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